Appellate Practice

Appellate practice requires great attention to the record and a serious analysis of the legal issues to be presented to a panel of appellate justices. It is the legal issues that decide an appeal and our attorneys have the skill and experience to articulate the legal arguments clearly and concisely.

An exemplary appellate brief is the foundation of any great appeal, and our attorneys excel in drafting compelling briefs that persuasively set forth the applicable legal framework and eloquently presenting the facts. Clark Law Firm’s attorneys love to write. Our attorneys have been published numerous times in nationally recognized scholarly journals and other state publications for their legal articles, case notes, and comments. An appellate brief will often cite several hundred pages of the trial court’s evidentiary record, and your attorney’s thoroughness and attention to detail will make a difference.

After the appellate brief is submitted, our attorneys use oral arguments to persuasively interact with the judicial panel, focus on the strengths of the argument, and eloquently dispel any potential weaknesses. Although the foundation of any appeal is built in the appellate brief, oral arguments allow our attorneys to highlight the dispositive legal issues, advocate for our clients, and present the most compelling legal arguments.

We are admitted to practice in front of the Arkansas Court of Appeals, the Arkansas Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals and the United State’s Supreme Court. Our attorneys understand the complexities of appellate law and enjoy the strategic approach to brief writing andoral arguments.