Education Law

Clark Law Firm’s attorneys are dedicated to providing successful resolutions to our clients’ education law disputes. Whether you are a public school, private school, student, educator, or administrator, our long record of successful results handling education disputes allows our attorneys to provide high quality representation for Arkansans. Our attorneys have a broad-based knowledge of education law learned from years of experience.

We offer a large array of legal services related to education law including:

  • Labor Relations
  • Education Discrimination
  • Special Education
  • Title VI Claims
  • Title IX Claims
  • Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Teacher Dismissal

The goal of all educational institutions is to prepare students with the critical skills needed to launch a bright future. We are committed to assisting our clients toward this goal, and ensuring that each child, educator, and parent is afforded all of the opportunities they are due under the law.